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Shirley Temple

This paleo strawberry coconut smoothie is sweet and creamy with no added sugar or dairy. Perfect for breakfast or a snack.

Red Lobster Hurricane 1 shot rum 1 shot malibu rum 1 shot cherry juice (grenadine) 2/3 part orange juice 1/3 part pinapple juice and a splash of so. comfort on the top Preparation Mix everything but the Southern Comfort. Pour into a glass. Add a splash of th Southern Comfort on top.

Blue Motherfucker

Blue Motherfucker!!! DRINK RECIPES Description: This is the original Blue Motherfucker and does its job well to stop you feeling Blue and get you jumping about like a MF! Category Cocktails Ingredients 3 oz Citron vodka 3 oz Blue Curacao liqueur 3 oz sweet and sour mix Method Add all ingredients with ice, shake and serve in highball glass

Bahamian Blaster Party Punch

5-Minute Bahamian Blaster Party Punch - Large Batch Summer Cocktail Recipe! |

Cake Mix

The Cake Mix is an extremely simple cocktail.....vanilla vodka and ginger ale....just might try this....