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My attempt at photography. Lol ;D

Random Inspiration 121

I like this one for the strong contrast between the Red And the White Light. It also appears that one lane is busier than the other, this is perhaps due to the relative Strength of the White light against the Red. However it did inspire me to look for unbalanced traffic flows in my Light trails. I included two examples of light trails in my Project. With Traffic I attempted to achieve this concept.

Cajun Chicken with Coriander and Lime Rice

Juicy griddled Cajun chicken with charred veggies and coriander-lime rice –…

The Woodmans

Francesca Woodman - I really like how the artist has managed to create a macabre and ghostly atmosphere within their photograph by getting the sitter to move almost as if they are attempting to shield themselves from the daylight streaming through the open window. I also feel like the scene of destruction within the image, littered all over the floor, also adds to the idea of spirits and the macabre atmosphere.

Lucas Simões is an mixed media artist from São Paulo that creates hand cut geometrical portraits through ten layers of photographs #collage #layering #brazilian