Fruit dip: 1 quart heavy whipping cream 1/4 cup sugar 1/4 tsp Almond Extract 1 small container strawberry yogurt Whip the whipping cream until small peaks form, add sugar and almond extract whip again until almost firm. Fold in yogurt, gently. If you use fresh pineapple as one of your fruits, use the bottom of the pineapple as a bowl for your dip. It is a great accent! The best fruit dip I have ever made!

this gives me great ideas. good for someone who rents and doesn't want t have to dig bulbs up when moving DIY garden idea. Paint tin cans and fasten them to a fence. Put some flowers in it!

Learn how to build this vertical garden. You all need a few simple tools. Lots of diagrams to help with this easy build!

geraniums / ATTRACTS: Monarch Butterflies. Plant with Grape Vines ♥ companion plant which attracts Downy Woodpeckers. "Red" (Pelargonium) best. Great in hanging moss baskets. Never plant near Strawberries, Flowering Dogwood, Peonies, Lily, Tulips, Roses, Fushia, Basil, Coleus or Tomatoes. "Small leaf geraniums" only attracts Bees! Must be moved indoors in Winter.

At last, a way to use up all the old flower pots lying around in our garden! Just to be on the safe side it has a wooden dowel up the middle to hold it all together.

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