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Love books (Paul Auster will be reading at the International Festival of Authors in Toronto in Oct. Go!)

Love books - The Book Of Illusions by Paul Auster (Peter Carey wrote: "Through all it's dark and delightful twists and turns The Book Of Illusions is suffused with warmth and illuminated by it's narrator's hard-won wisdom. this artful and elegant novel may be Auster's best ever.")

Gayle Kings Favorite New Books

In this memoir, a father writes to his son, "When you do things in your own distinctive, colorful way there will be fans, there will be detractors—those who don't get it...Your challenge is to charm them into thinking what's good for you is good for them and, of course, to move on when those efforts fail." "I got a lump reading that."—Gayle King, plus 5 other addictive titles:

Love books - On Writing by A. L. Kennedy (Readers and aspiring writers will have almost everything they need to know about researching, writing and publishing fiction but they will also receive this wisdom conversationally, from one of the funniest and most alert of our contemporary authors.)

Love books - Anywhere But Here by Mona Simpson (A book with story-telling brilliance, and sharp and profound understanding and generosity of spirit. Anne Tyler wrote: "Simpson writes with confidence, with a swagger. She is already a master." This is the author's first book.)

Love books - Memories and Hallucinations by D. M. Thomas (The self-portrait that emerges from these pages of the poet, novelist, translator and academic is as unconventional, startling and accessible as one would expect from the author of The White Hotel. Margaret Drabble wrote: "D. M. Thomas is one of our most original writers.")

15 Book Series To Read If You Enjoyed "The Hunger Games"

Loved the entire Uglies series, hated the first book of Mortal Instruments and couldn't even finish it (also the move is garbage), and read book one of Divergent and will read the rest despite warnings about the ending. The rest I'll have to check out.

23 Books Every Fan Of “House Of Cards” Should Read

23 Books Every Fan Of “House Of Cards” Should Read @Chelsey Boatwright Photography Boatwright Photography Boatwright Photography Boatwright Photography Collins