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The Real Reason Koreans Have Amazing Skin — and How You Can, Too

PS: What’s the real difference between American and Korean skin care? CC: Koreans churn out products really quickly because they’re really focused on innovation, since there is so much competition. They are not afraid of risks and that makes Korean skin care very exciting. The packaging is always very innovative, sophisticated, and cute. And the skin care is always very affordable. Growing up in America, I’d have to go to department stores to buy these expensive products but in Korea I can…

According to the latest report, Americans increased their seafood consumption by nearly 1 pound per person in 2015, to an average of 15.5 pounds per year.

The Mayans and Aztecs are famous for inventing Hot Chocolate or Xocolatl as it was called in ancient Aztec (guess where it got it's name?) They made it by

Home-made Quorn burger patties

Quorn mince burgers from scratch! I really hate buying Quorn burgers... These are great for cooking from home because you can add in the spices and flavorings you really like. I generally pep them up with turmeric, paprika, fresh birds eye or prairie fire chilies, cumin and a hint of garam masala! Just be careful as I find the consistency varies every time I make them - you may need extra eggs or breadcrumbs to bind these bad boys up a little more. Enjoy!

Gypsy Skirt Pattern for women The Original, Wendy Kay's No gathers Skirt

This listing is for a Pattern for my easy to make Gypsy skirt. is a design I thought up after holding the desire for several years. The desire was

50 Beauty Products to Try Before You Die. Some interesting things we've never heard of! Whatever you do, stay away from the Crest White strips though, so make that 49 products to try!

Improve Your Bike Climbing Skills

Some ascents are smooth and effortless, while others make you feel as if you're wrestling an 800-pound walrus. Here's how to find your climbing rhythm on any slope—from gentle rise to Alpe d'Huez.

Bossy Ceramic Mug

Bossy Ceramic Mug PRE ORDER by MissPoppyDesign on Etsy, $18.95. I'd like to put all my make up brushes, on my dressing table.