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Cybergirls http://www.makeupbee.com/look.php?look_id=68178

Welcome to my beauty blog! I am just a 18 year old teen who has an obsession with makeup and beauty. Please feel free to ask me any beauty related questions. I have a makeup youtube channel filled...

crop circles http://www.makeupbee.com/look.php?look_id=76870

Christmas look http://www.makeupbee.com/look.php?look_id=72716

Dark halloween look http://www.makeupbee.com/look.php?look_id=68010

Lime pink http://www.makeupbee.com/look.php?look_id=63888

Donata as a Vampire http://www.makeupbee.com/look.php?look_id=68027

Spring https://www.makeupbee.com/look.php?look_id=84317

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