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Should moms who work at home or from home send their little ones to daycare?

LeShawn talks about her blended family and her anxiety when going back to work full-time with an 18 year old and 1 year old. "I never realized how much of a battle stay-at-home moms go through, especially when they decide to go back to work full-time. I feel like this is the greatest separation anxiety I’ve ever experienced."

Real Mom Kendra has a new routine for the summer - beginning with team chores for her and the girls. What kinds of responsibilities do your kids have? Or do you think she is out of her mind making the kids do this much work around the house? Read more at

How do you want your children to remember you? As a busy working mom? Or as one who made time to be with her kids?

New mom Kaitlin only has a few days left before returning to work and sending her 4 month old to daycare. So working moms - she would really love some advice, tips or encouragement on how to survive this new phase.

The brilliant caption that accompanied this: "Is it still a 'war' when it's just two sides getting fucked by a third that's never depicted?" (And also, that statement could apply to so many other completely fabricated divides these days!)

Real Mom, Kim, needs advice on how to spend her "me time": What is your stress release? How do all of you handle the work life and kids? Is it possible to start getting in a good workout routine while having 2 kids?? Help Me!!

Everybody deserves to hear that they are doing a good job, especially moms. Whether you are stay at home mom, a working mom, a step-mom, a mom of one, or a mom of 10 – we all deserve to hear that we are doing well because WE ARE!

Breastfeeding Cheerleader: Kaitlin gives her tips for breastfeeding as a new mom. "If breastfeeding is something you are struggling to make work - know you are not alone!"

Kim discusses her growing family: "Follow me as I still continue to find balance between family life and work. Give me guidance as I learn from my mistakes and we celebrate our Princess turning 2, potty training and any other surprises that will come our way with her. Also, all the AMAZING firsts that will come from our son."