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Use meditation to break the stress cycle. Excerpt from Daniel Goleman's The Meditative Mind. #meditation #mindfulness #stress #DanielGoleman

8 Simple Meditation Techniques For Kids

8 Simple Meditation Techniques For Kids : Here are 8 simple and easy meditation exercises that would be perfect for your Kid.

Zona de Conforto - Dicas para sair da zona de conforto Veja o vídeo em:

Monday Meditation -It's Day 28th of the 30-day Gratitude Challenge so let's do this quick 5 minute #meditation and affirm #gratitude . I RELEASE and - I ALLOW GRATITUDE. Start the cycle with a silent inhalation. Then upon exhalation, say the words "I RELEASE and". Say the words silently to yourself. When you take your next inhalation, say the words "I ALLOW GRATITUDE" silently to yourself. #mondaymeditation

Someone returning in a dream - or you returning to a place from your past - can mean... More at ‪#‎dreammeaning‬ ‪#‎dreamsymbols‬