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Brown and Teal Gypsy Bag with Brass Beads Messenger Bag Bohemian large Tapestry bag renaissance bag messenger bag medieval bag

The best of two worlds. Its got that boho look but is also feels a bit renaissance with the rich tapestry of teal and browns,and brass bead fringe

***PRE-ORDER***These pins will be shipped out as soon as I receive them here at SEANVSTHEROBOTS HQ. I Have been told that I will have my stock before the end of February so pre-order yours today!This soft enamel pin badge is 30mm from top to bottom and glows in the dark! Comes with a secure rubber clutch."I know I don't have his looks. I know I don't have his money. I know I don't have his connections, his knowledge of fine wines. I know sometimes when I...

The Ultimate Guide to 48 hours in Milan

My thoughts of Milan, Italy has always been of their Duomo and the fact that it’s the renowned fashion capital of the world. I was a little sad to miss it on my Venice–Verona trip last April, so I decided this big city warrants more than just a day’s visit, so I decided to pack my bags and head over there for a weekend 48 hour rendezvous.

Red Army private Mikail Makarov stares at the ruined Reichstag after the end of the Battle of Berlin. He is carrying the austere bread bag (no backpacks were available for the infantry) and the ever-present PPsh-40 SMG, the only major advantage he and other millions had in the face of the German enemy.

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Sustainable Travel Lifestyle vs Volunteering

Sustainable Travel Lifestyle vs Volunteering. #SUSTAINABLETRAVEL VS #VOLUNTOURISM: In this article, I will explain here why volunteering is not the best way to travel the world long-term. Before you pack your bags and leave for an indefinite time to travel the world, think about how you see yourself when you grow older. Of course, I know HAPPY. But seriously, what will happen next, after travelling? #TravelStories #TwoMonkeysTravelGroup

Plot bunny!!!

I walked into the broken area of town. The area that nobody entered. Well, almost nobody. I'm here. I sit down and start to eat. Being on the run can be hard. I shoot up from where I was sitting when I hear a crunch of glass. I hold up my bat.

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