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Who says a guy's bathroom has to be a white tile box he's embarrassed to let a date see... let alone use? If yours looks like it belongs attached to a gas station rather than your house, it's time for an upgrade. And if you want to create a look that says "I've arrived," instead of "I got the cheapest stuff at Home Depot," check out the high-style items below. Stealth Faucet Tired of that drippy faucet that came with the house? With its clean lines, precise angles, and singular…

Mia Serata Outdoor Mood Lights

Mia Serata Outdoor Mood Lights These cool new Mia Serata Outdoor Mood Lights by Twist Lighting are huge weather-resistant lamps based on the unique shape of a pine tree that are designed to used indoors or out. If you have cash to burn, I suggest going with an entire abstract illuminated forest of these modern outdoor lights in your backyard.

His & Hers Key Holders

HIS & HERS KEY HOLDERS Are you always looking for your keys? Simply put the master key (included) into the lock and you will never lose them again! With a contemporary design and a chrome finish, the famous "His & Hers Key Holders" look great and are an excellent gift idea.

Desktop Jellyfish Tank

Jelly nano tanks are a thing, Featuring moon Jellyfish (Aurelia aurita ) I have pinned these before but they are lovely but some experience is required to keep your jellies happy and healthy and although all Jellies sting theirs is not a powerful one.

A2 ANGLE SHELF Growing tired of your solemnly square Expidit shelving? Add some attitude back to your home or office with the A2 Angle Shelf ($1,750). Made from white MDF, the Angle measures in at over six feet wide, and offers a total of 18 differently-shaped and -proportioned cubbies in which to proudly display your books, toys, and other trinkets.