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Explore Starships Announced, Starships Trailer and more!

Firaxis Games and 2K Games have announced a new turn-based strategy games set in the popular Civilization universe titled Sid Meier’s Starships.

Sid Meier’s Starships announced by Firaxis -

Sid Meier Announces New Starships Strategy Game [Video]

Sid Meier Announces New Starships Strategy Game [Video] - - 2K and Firaxis games have announced Sid Meier's Starships, an adventure-driven strategy game coming to PC, Mac, and iPad.

The launch trailer for Elite: Dangerous kicks interstellar ass -

Sid Meier's Starships announced for iPad

A new game by Sid Meier is upon us as 2K and Firaxis have just announced Sid Meier’s Starships for iPad, Mac and PC. #ios #games

2K, Firaxis Games Announce Sid Meier’s Starships for iPad

Sid Meier’s Starships Çıktı ! | Oyun Haberleri | - Oyun Yamaları,Oyun Haberleri

Sid Meier’s Starships, a new interstellar strategy game, heads to Mac & iPad early this year | 9to5Mac / Screenshot_StrategyLayer_1