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Vintage Mediterranean Style Record Stand by TwoGuysVintage on Etsy, $35.00

Living room. Left alcove shelving unit. Inspiration for copper box unit, underneath floating copper shelves that box exactly round the the records.

I’m lucky enough to have a very easy-going boyfriend, so I think I could do just about anything to our home and Jordan would be okay with it. That being said, I do like to channel his interests too – which is why our living room is a very musical, lively place. Both of us are very passionate about music, we go to gigs weekly and have music playing constantly. Jordan also has an incredible vinyl collection, but the old vinyl player he owned previously (although it was an absolute peach of…

When I came to photograph the Williamsburg, Brooklyn apartment of Jeffrey Renz and Irene Blazquez a few weeks ago, it was a blisteringly cold winter day, one that New Yorkers have sadly grown more than accustomed to this season. Inside this 1900 railroad flat, however, one would never know. With tall windows, incredible natural light, and the charming hallmarks of a timeworn New York apartment, the space has enough warmth to make the cold seem far away.By day, Jeffrey works for BOWER, a New…

Very nice, probably for any family homes maybe not for court (at least not publicly), perfect as is, for as yet unnamed blonde.

The first LP I ever bought, way back in 1981. I remember getting the bus to town, going into Woolworths and handing over my hard earned money. I got home and placed my pride and joy on my very cheap and tacky Fidelity HF42 Portable Record Player. I may have only been eleven but in my eyes I became a man that day. I must climb into my parents attic and see if I still have it, Coz the newer CD version just doesn't sound the same. but I'm probably biased. Where did the Years go?

Project by: Spruce Interior Design Location: New York City We just completed the design of an apartment in the iconic Silk Building in Noho (the Tower Records building). It is a 4-story home with a large terrace right in the heart of Noho.

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