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Purple Imperial bracelet...a Potomac Bead Company design...3mm cube, 4mm Czech fire. Polished beads and 11/0 seed beads. Item#: 130825-BR-001

Tutorial Anet SuperDuo and Tila Beadwork Bracelet PDF

Czech SuperDuo two-hole beads, Czech Tile beads, Miyuki round seed beads 8/0, 11/0,15/0, Toggle clasp

Tutorial Michal SuperDuo and Tila Beadwork Bracelet PDF

Czech SuperDuo two-hole beads, Tila beads, Miyuki drops, Miyuki round seed beads 11/0,15/0, Toggle clasp

Stunning SuperDuo Brick Bead Bracelet Embellished with Czech Fire-Polished Beads; Cuff Bracelet, Crystal Bead Bracelet; Green Bead Bracelet

CzechMate Tile Brick Beads ~ 3mm Opaque Green LusterSuperDuo Seed Beads ~ 2/5 Metallic BronzeCzech Fire-Polished Beads ~ 6mm Opaque Green Luster Miyuki Rocaille Beads ~ 11/0 Metallic Bronze Miyuki Drop Beads ~ 3.4mm Metallic Bronze Clasp ~ Antique Bronze Slide Clasp

Silky Circle Band Bracelet; Bead Weaving; Silky Beads; Band Bracelet; Silky Bead Bracelet; Superduo Bead Bracelet; Petite Bracelet RC082

Czech Glass Silky Bead Superduo Bracelet Embellished with Czech Glass Rounds and Toho Seed Beads Czech Silky Diamond Beads ~ 6mm Alabaster

The Elegant Necklace..crystal rondelles and 4mm bicones..a Potomac Bead Company Design...soon to be posted in my etsy

For sale as tutorial on Etsy. Materials You Will Need To Complete This Pattern: -4mm Firepolish ( Count: 150 ) -3mm Firepolish ( Count: 150 ) -11/o Seed Beads Color A Color B -Toggle Clasp -8lb Fireline -#10 or #12 Beading Needle

beaded bracelet free tutorial 6mm round beads SuperDuo beads 4mm fire polished beads 8/o seed beads (2 pcs) 11/o seed beads