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Here's a great book to read over the summer for teens and young adults! #inspiring #Uplifting

#Books #SpiritualGuidance #Leadership

Books To Read

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In a fast paced world read a quick reference tool that feeds your soul and also give you space to ponder your thoughts! The goal is to become one with yourself and God! Purchase your signature copy now available $15 email me ( if interested! Great reviews on Amazon! #Books #booklovers #reading

Change will happen whether you participate or not! Here's a free book excerpt from my first book Motivation Serenity Gratitude! For your copy visit Amazon, Barnes and Noble or It transformed my life and I hope it does the same for you. #Books #Read #Change

How many times have you applied for a job and got nowhere fast? I'm sure countless of times; especially in my life! I want to invite you to read my book excerpt which gives insight of ways you can overcome the "NO" and build your "YES!"

The gift of reading makes a difference in the lives of many children and adults. It doesn't matter who or where you are someone can read to you! Reading is one of life's basic fundamental we shouldn't forget to use because it enhances our knowledge and skill. Even if who you're reading to is artificial you're getting better and becoming knowledgeable! Learn about more ways you can help children by purchasing a copy of The Great I Am bilingual interactive kid's book! #Amazon

You asked and I've delivered. You and your family deserve to walk in freedom, love and happiness. Purchase 1 of 3 inspirational books on my web or with major retailers. #Inspiration #Selfhelp #books

Remember nothing is too hard for God, so trust Him! Let the past, worries and stress go to move forward . If you're so focus on the past you will never see the potential in today. Take a moment and read my book excerpt from Motivation Serenity Gratitude! Available with major retailers (Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Kindle and Liferich ) .