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300 спартанцев: правда и вымысел о легендарной битве при Фермопилах

Kathryn Royston 230 012 This article discusses the tendency for elderly folk to take many meds, often prescribed by different doctors, and the subsequent potential for drug abuse in seniors. Many elderly people are hospitalized for issues with medications, including overdoses and bad mixes of drugs. Drug dependency is also a risk, especially because many elderly people take pain killers for joint pain.

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Nobel Prize winner Tu Youyou helped by ancient Chinese remedy

Tu Youyou has become the first Chinese woman to win a Nobel Prize, for her work in helping to create an anti-malaria medicine. The 84-year-old's route to the honour has been anything but traditional.

Malaysian actress, Dutch hubby and baby die with MH17

Childhood obesity is an "exploding nightmare" in the developing world. (Corbis)