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Auto spare parts Material:stainless steel 304 Weight:0.263kg Manufacture process: Investment casting+Machining Description:Metal parts which constitute the overall car Function:Automotive oil pump nozzle

Rail Casting part Material:316# Weight:1.3kg Manufacture process: Investment Casting Description: Rail casting part is a kindly of metal casting parts

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Metal Plume Joint Part Material:45# Weight:1.78kg Manufacture process: Investment casting +Machining Description: Metal connection

Valve Part Material: 304# Weight:4.326kg Manufacture process: Investment casting Description: Metal parts consist of the valve

Investment Casting is also known as a Lost Wax Casting Process. A wide range of parts can be produce by the investment castings process. Valve components, pump components, general engineering compo…

Metal Casting Material:stainless steel 304 Weight:0.296kg Manufacture process: Investment casting+Machining Description:Mainly used in industry

More & more casting Process is making effective use of aluminium as a metal as it is not only Superior Quality but also offers low cost Product Ratio as well as are light in weight.

This is the process in a nutshell. A wax pattern tree is made of the complex parts. The tree is covered in a hard ceramic slurry which is left to dry. The wax is then melted out before molten metal is poured in to fill the cavities left. After the metal has cooled the hardened slurry is broken off and the metal parts are removed from the tree and cleaned up.