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Every time. I hear this crazed maniacal laughter in my head that goes, "HA. HA, HA. HAHA. HAHAHAHAHA no."---- its nothing like having to wait years!! christmas 2015 can't come soon enough... And that's not even a full season.

I LOVE this. Sherlock has the train man's hat. John's background says "Best Friend." Moriarty looks straight up INSANE. But most importantly: Mycroft's smoke is in the shape of a GOLDFISH!!

yup, that's how the fandom rolls... shipping Moriarty with Moran. TRUE CONAN DOYLE READERS KNOW HIS EXISTENCE.<<<They met once, for like two seconds SNL

Meet The "Hannibal" Fannibals, TV's Newest And Most Intense Fandom

Although Hannibal’s only been on the air for two months, the show’s popularity online is reaching a level of enthusiasm usually reserved for the “Big Three” internet fandoms. | Meet The "Hannibal" Fannibals, TV's Newest And Most Intense Fandom

SuperWhoLock Venn Diagram | Unisex T-Shirt

Hahah this is so true though. Superwholock>>> I'm going to try to get into Doctor Who after I get caught up in Supernatural

Once Storybrooke on

We think waiting for season 3 is hard, just wait till we have the three month hiatus between Episode 11 and 12. I think the writers are turning into Moffat.