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Pan Fried Scallops with Black Pudding, Pea Purée, Pancetta & White Truffle Oil

Pan Fried Scallops with Black Pudding, Pea Purée, Pancetta & White Truffle Oil | foodwithliving

Rosemary seared scallops with pancetta, radicchio and toasted hazelnuts

Seared scallops make a sensuous starter and is a perfect beginning to a romantic meal for two. Why wait for Valentine's Day?

Seared Atlantic scallops, twice cooked pork belly (can be substituted with ready-made flat Italian Pancetta slices or Prosciutto), Cauliflower mash and mushrooms.

Must try and make this, reminds me of a trip me and Dey took. Scallops on pea pureé with black pudding and pancetta.

Perfectly Seared Scallops

Perfectly Seared Scallops ~ The taste of scallops is so unique you just can’t confuse it with anything else.. Please also visit for colorful-inspiratational-Prophetic-Art and stories. Thank you so much! Blessings!

Beautiful smoky barbecued shellfish

You can use all sorts of shellfish for this: razors, clams, mussels and queen scallops. Buy only tightly closed shellfish so you know they're still alive and fresh. If you've got bay, rosemary, thyme or, best of all, myrtle in your garden, whack branches on the embers to smoke underneath your shellfish. If your bars are wide apart, sit your shellfish on a baking rack so they don't fall through.

Caramelised scallops on cauliflower purée with pancetta

Scallops make a brilliant starter for special occasions as they are light on the belly but packed with flavour and super quick to cook

Scallops with Pea Puree and Crispy Pancetta

Pan-seared scallops sit on top of rich pea puree, topped with crispy pancetta and Gremolata. A super easy dish, but tastes amazing and looks so elegant!