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Create Holiday Snowmen out of Socks

How to Blow Out Eggs. "Blown out" eggs are often required for craft projects that use empty, complete eggshells. Blown out eggs can be preserved for years after they're made; without the egg white or yolk, the eggs won't spoil. If you want...

Santa Strawberries 1 doz strawberries 1 c cool whip Handful of chocolate sprinkles Slice the leaf end off & make flat so it can stand. Then cut tip off of other end to make a cap. Then put whip cream between the tip. & base of strawberry. Then take choc sprinkle & put as eyes. Then use toothpick & put little dots of cool whip as buttons and on top of the hat. If you use Fat Free cool whip it is 0 points on Weight Watchers.

Play snow! Awesome idea to do while waiting for the snow to come or a little one who cant really be out in the cold yet.

These snowmen are made of tube socks stuffed with plastic shopping bags. Put a canning lid in the bottom of the sock. Stuff the bags in and then tie off the top of the white sock with string or yarn. Take a different color sock, cut the foot part off and discard. Tie the ankle closed with yarn, invert a bit to hide the cut edge, and tie again. Slip this "toboggan" over the tied end of the white sock. Cut some fabric long enough to make a scarf and tie that around to make the neck. Hot…

Best Snowman Crafts Ideas ~use cardboard tube & cover with a white sock... baby sock would work for the hat & clothes. Aren't they cute?!

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Beautiful Snowmen Head Tree Topper....aren't just for topping trees! From the 2013 RAZ Holiday on Ice Collection...see the Blog post for more decorating ideas using products from this whimsical category of Christmas Decorations

DIY Snowman socks!Use long socks and cut tops off at the ankle.Turn inside out and tie end off with a rubber band.Turn back inside out again so rubber band is hidden on inside.Tie top closed with rubber band (this will be hidden by a hat)Cut ends off a decorative sock and slip the tube over body of white sock to make a sweater.Use rubber bands to define three snowballs.Cut toe off decor sock to use as hat.