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A Different Flavor of Purim - While Ashkenazi Jews think of hamantashen as traditional Purim fare, the Yom Tov Society gathering of some of Washington’s Sephardic community likely enjoyed börekas, almond “cigars” and candies called figuellos. Click through for more info!

As a New Country, Israel Needed Food - How do you feed a new country teeming with starving refugees in a time of war? That was the conundrum that faced Jewish leaders—in the United States and abroad—in 1948. Click through for article!

Biblical Archeology Society [Sep/Oct 1979] "Was There a Seven-Branched Lampstand in Solomon’s Temple?" click for caption: The captured menorah from the Second Temple is depicted in bas-relief on the Arch of Titus in Rome. This famous triumphal arch commemorates the destruction of Jerusalem by Titus in 70 A.D. and, perhaps, gives us a graphic representation of the last of the series of menorahs which stood in the Second Temple

“Where are you celebrating Passover?” is a common question, especially when you’re traveling or new to a city. Click through to learn how DC organizations hosted many seders for visitors and temporary residents during the first half of the 20th century.

Growing up in his parents’ District Grocery Store, Louis Fanaroff and his brother-in-law Stanford Steppa went on to own Magruder’s and expand the legendary DC landmark. Click through for the history.

Can you imagine summer in DC without outdoor restaurant seating? Prior to 1961, DC regulations didn’t allow it. Click through to discover how Bassin’s owner Henry Zitelman battled city officials to allow him to be the sidewalk-café pioneer.

Conclaves, Banquets, and Jewish Teens - Today’s Jewish youth may find it difficult to believe that their grandparents were not welcome in many clubs and social activities just a half century ago. Excluded from the sororities, fraternities and other groups of their non-Jewish classmates, Jewish teenagers created their own social sphere, blending their Jewish identities with secular activities. Click through for article!

The Jewish Historical Society of Greater Washington sat down to chat with Mitch Berliner and Debra Moser, creators of the Central Farm Markets in MD and VA and several other local food companies before that.

On the Family Seder Table - Each of us has a favorite object, filled with memories, that appears annually on our family seder table. Maybe it’s the hand-sewn matzah cover brought from Russia or the hand-colored one you made in Sunday School. Click through for the article!