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Real Life 'Rush' Movie F1 Race driver Niki Lauda had twins in 2009 @ 62 years - Mia & Max

Identical twins marry, give birth to identical twins

identical twins marry identical twins and each couple gives birth to identical twins. holy molyy!

Mum gives birth to twin girls - of DIFFERENT skin colour

Hannah Yarker 20, and her partner Kyle Armstrong, 24, have one white twin and one black twin

Wonderfully insightful book for any mother (or loved one) of identical twins or multiples, written by an identical twin.

You beg and plead with the powers above for your child to fall asleep quickly during night feeds.

7 Surprising Perks of Raising Twins

Two essays I recently read on Babble — one by a husband who is unhappy his wife’s expecting twins and the other by his wife who thinks having twins will ruin her family — rubbed me the wrong way.