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Law of Attraction quote - David James Lees

The Taoist Law of Attraction... read more in my blog series here: wp.me/p9kh2-7C #DavidJamesLees #Spirituality #EmotionalHealth #Taoism #Daoism #LawofAttraction #WuWei #TaoTeChing #Inspiration #Mindfulness Learn more: http://www.facebook.com/DavidJamesLees http://www.DavidJamesLees.com

James Allen Art Print by Mei Lee - $26.00

In working with the Law of Attraction many clients ask me how can we live in abundance right now? Some important concepts are ‘acceptance’, ‘gratitude’, ‘kindness’ and ‘love’.... http://wp.me/p9kh2-9y

It's true.. I mean I curse A LOT but I've been trying really hard not to, but so far it hasn't been going to well... I hope it will go better though!!!!😀

The things that come most quickly into your life are the things that you BELIEVE in the most. You can only bring to you what you BELIEVE, so you must BELIEVE to receive what you want. www.thesecret.tv/title/hero

Every word spoken, deed done or even unspoken thought is direct communication with the Divine Universe. Be aware of where your thoughts are taking you, and where you take others with your words and actions. Walk in the light with love, and love will light your path ❤

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