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How to Make Gold Ombrè Shellac Nails

How to Do Beautiful Purple Nails

Start off with a base coat. And apply a thin coat of the nail polish. Add a second thin coat of the purple nail polishes. Using a dotting tool or a small earring.

How to Paint Chevron Nails

Here I am showing you lovely people how to create a Chevron nail design. Please comment, subscribe, and message me to request anything! Thanks! by Lacoda Owens.

How to Do a Cool Nail Design

Polishes used:. Maybelline-orange fix. Salon perfect-sugar cube. Salon perfect-oil slick. Start with a black base. Paint half white. Make white dots along the top rim.

45 Different Nail Polish Designs and Ideas

Multiple-toned | 45 Different Nail Polish Designs and Ideas

How to Have Gradient Nails

Apply base coat to protect your nails Select a light base color ( I used nude). Step apply nude polish (or any light colours). Step apply the top colour on the make up sponge (I used pink).

These Hair And Makeup Trends Will Be Huge In 2017 According To Pinterest

In 2017 a new, much shinier look is taking over. Prepare to see chrome lacquer on all of your friends and across social media feeds.

How to Paint Apples on Your Nails

Paint two ovals right next to eachother in either red or green. This will be the apples color:). You'll want to wait for the paint to dry thoroughly because we will be layering:).