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Littlest Pet Shop Purple Snail Green Eyes #628 Preowned LPS in Toys & Hobbies, Preschool Toys & Pretend Play, Littlest Pet Shop | eBay

Leaf silhouette stamp. leaf hand carved rubber stamp. wedding guestbook stamp. birthday scrapbooking. gift wrapping. large

large leaf hand carved rubber stamp. great rubber stamps for many fun craft projects. every rubber stamp is hand drawn and hand carved by talktothesun. there are many other leaf rubber stamps in the shop. SIZE: about 4cm (1.8in) IDEAS FOR CRAFT PROJECTS: diy christmas, birthdays, weddings, thanksgiving, any occasions // woodland themed scrapbooking // working on art journals, diary // art projects for parents and teachers // scrapbooking // block printing // stamp on snail mails, envelopes…

Plant Terrarium Set: Miniature Moss Garden in Decorative Apothecary Jars Wedding Table Centerpiece Fairy Garden

Ammonite Fossil Terrarium - Snail Shell Prehistoric Plant in Glass Jar - Jurassic Collectible Fossil Display

Ammonite Fossil Display Jar - Live Moss Plant Terrarium

This extra large apothecary jar is filled with live moss, fern-like Selaginella fronds, and a genuine ammonite snail shell fossil.

Vietnamese Mossy Frog - it's camouflage is the most elaborate in the animal kingdom. It appears to transform into a clump of moss or lichen—blending with its habitat.

Cat and Kitten Knitting Patterns

@lovejenn check this out, meow <3 Pickles the Cat knitting pattern. 8 inch kitty knit in the round. More cat and kitten knitting patterns, many free at

Maxima Clams - Tridacna maxima - giant clams - usually don't grow larger than 20 cm so it is known as the small giant clam. To live, this bivalve has to sunbath! Symbiotic plants in its skin produce nutrients for their host and without these symbiots, the clam would die.