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// we woke up at five am to get to our photo spot by sunrise. it was below freezing last night & our sleeping bags and tents were covered in ice... eek! ... a few hours later we pulled in to this amazing little hipster coffee shop called Black Velvet Espresso and warmed up with cappuccinos, hot chocolates, &apple turnovers. it's been an amazing weekend and it's not even over yet. le sigh. ❤❤❤

The perfect cup of coffee calls for the perfect glass. Enjoy your early morning brew or afternoon latte in elegant Ritual Lungo Cups. You’re sure to enjoy your Nespresso coffee that much more when you’re sipping it from something beautiful., green Coffee is coffee beans that have not been roasted. It's just doing owe their greenish color and its health benefits. In contrast to the roasted coffee, green coffee has a much greater number of active substances.

For all those out there who try to say Cafe Au Lait, Cafe Latte, and Cafe con Leche are the same thing - they are not!

Open with Meg)) I sigh softly and keep reading more books the evilness in me is trying to escape maybe I can keep it calm I need to research that's when yc...

Goodbye beautiful weather. Thankfully I have my espresso machine to keep my insides warm this winter!