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‘Liquid biopsy’ blood test detects genetic mutations in common form of lung cancer

This is Me But you can criticize My Mom All You Want I Don't Care what You Say it might not be True And Might Be it Between Her And God it don't Hurt My Feelings cause I don't really Have That Mouther And Son Nuturing Thing We Just Past and Repast I Tried to have A Relationship With Her But Only cause I'm Trying To Get To Heaven and I Don't Want to Be In The Past!

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Effects of chronic inflammation can range from heart disease to dementia, to cancer and arthritis. Most autoimmune diseases like inflammatory bowel disease are linked to excessive inflammation in the body. Here is a great juice recipe:

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I got adorable smile which I think is wrong because I've gotten a lot of complements about my eyes.

The top 5 high estrogen foods to avoid and the best foods you should you be eating to start detoxing your body… #hormonalimbalance #estrogen