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Seeming as I keep selling out of this striking "Samurai" card I couldn't resist adding him along with the other 2 Asian inspired cards already pinned. Again, with these cards it is the richness of the colours, the diversity of pattern and texture.... actually we often sell these cards in threes because people want to frame them. And I am rather tickled by this Samurai's glam garb for fishing!

See the face? It's no illusion. The Heike Crab of Japan is as much a product of human selective breeding as the Chihuhua. Asian fishermen are well known for over fishing, putting tasty crustacea in severe jeopardy. Tradition among fishermen led them to release crabs with human faces. Thus, the Heike warriors of late feudal Japan live on. They were most favored by the fishing crews. Carl Sagan discussed this on Cosmos.