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You can make this coconut pie recipe for any occasion. People get tired of the same old boring cream pies, make a coconut pie recipe instead and watch how people are impressed.

Learning how to make rice salad is very easy and there are so many different ways you can prepare this delicious dish. Rice salad is perfect for lunch or as part of a buffet, and you can also serve it alongside steak or with chicken or fish.

Put a twist on your regular Salmon recipe by making aked Salmon, Sweet Candy Onions and Brown Sugar Mandarin Glaze Seriously GOOD. Also great to grill as well! Great easy, healthy dinner idea!

If you are wanting to make a desert pizza tonight that is sure to be a big crowd pleaser you need look no further! This Super creamy Strawberry Pizza Desert Recipe will satisfy any sweet tooth craving hands down.

Fish soup is a great alternative to baked fish recipes or grilled fish recipes. You can add flavor to any soup dish by adding your favorite fish and if you are tired of beef or chicken soup, you can make a unique fish soup recipe instead.

Whether you are a cupcake lover or you just like desserts, amaretto pineapple cupcakes are something you should definitely try. Anyone can learn how to make them, and the end result of following a recipe for these cupcakes is wonderfully delicious. You can serve them at tea time, with or without the benefit or a main meal, or simply as a treat or snack for a dinner party or potluck. With these cupcakes you will be asked for your recipe more than once, and certainly have to repeat the dessert…

Make the BEST hot apple cider just in time for Christmas morning! You can even spike it up. Here's a recipe I can be proud of making! Cheers!

Soft gingerbread cookies are the best of the cookies that you can make, and there is nothing better than biting into a freshly baked soft gingerbread...