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Origami Square on Point purse. Pattern by Nancy Schriber. Gold dupioni silk embellished with stitched home dec circles.

Home dec fabrics uwed with Diane Erikson's 101 Vest pattern.

Circle fabric created with home deco stitched circle overlays using Diane Erikson's 101 Vest pattern.

Lynne Farrow

Dandelion quilt thios would be adorable with a few lil umbellas of the seeds drifting off into the plain white spaces and then pink plaid praire points all around the outsides

Earrings | Anna Fidecka

Folding panels

Brooch | Suzanne Linquist (Red Circle Metals). Silver leaf, ebony, pearl and brass

Appliqued lace embellished with buttons, beads, embroidery floss and pearls.