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Sleep Sweet and I'll see in a few (in my dreams) is what we ALWAYS say before we go to bed Corny, I know but we have always said it, even before we started dating.

Seriously the best feeling ever when they know you don't feel well when you say you feel fine.

one of my guy friends said something like this to me when everybody else made fun of my hair thanks for sticking up for me Jamiel -Katie H

Excitement makes for a very long wonderful romance. Whether it's seeing a new movie or something more extreme... Let's have fun!

and stand there in a tshirt and act like theyre not cold when clearly theyre freezing(: thats how you know they care

i'll know the one for me when he tells me that he has a favorite freckle on my body or something small like that.>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> this comment is so cute


Once I was at a party and my boyfriend was there and my brother hit me and my bf came over and punched him... :)<<< lol I that