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Nike, eBay and others led the charge on designing apps and services that helped to drive change over the past year

Timeline Maps Mapping time has long been an interest of cartographers. Visualizing historical events in a timeline or chart or diagram is an effective way to show the rise and fall of empires and states, religious history, and important human and natural occurrences.

Ben Bertoli’s ClassRealm Is Gamifying the Classroom

VIDEO: Ben Bertoli’s ClassRealm Is Gamifying the Classroom. In simplest terms ClassRealm is a customizable web-based tool that can be used by teachers, students and parents to track student achievements, provide students with entertaining and educational adventures, as well as improve their overall academic performance.

Ceres Conference and Report Ask: Is Corporate Sustainability Gaining Ground or Losing Pace? | Sustainable Brands

To distinguish between minerals obtained from conflict regions and those from approved areas, Richard R. Hark, a chemistry professor at Juniata College, in Huntingdon, Pa., is developing a method based on laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy (LIBS). The method provides a geochemical “fingerprint” for such minerals.

See Where Stuff Comes From with SourceMap

Imagine a future in which pointing a PDA at a product bar code returns an instant readout of product source and environmental footprint to inform the buyer's decision. This future could be reality with SourceMap. Designed as a "collective tool for transparency and sustainability," SourceMap aims to be the Wiki of visualizing supply chains. SourceMap is a project of Media Labs, a division of MIT. Developers have adapted the Google Earth geotagging capabilities to the purpose of charting the…

MIT How to live an extraordinary life MIT OPEN COURSEWARE Class Designing Your Life. Video explaining course. It can be found at the following URL :