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#Lebanon: Syrian #Refugees Living Underground. Lebanon is a small country that has been swamped by hundreds of thousands of Syrian refugees. There are no refugee camps, so finding a place to stay is difficult. Every available space is precious . . . even underground garages.

These Are The Most Powerful Photographs Of The Syrian Refugee Crisis In 2015

These Are The Most Powerful Photographs Of The Syrian Refugee Crisis In 2015 #Syria #Refugees #Migrants

Lebanon: Syrian Refugee Children - There are over 1.1 million Syrian refugee children, the majority living in neighbouring countries. In Lebanon, latest figures put the count at 385,007. Today UNHCR launched a report The Future of Syria -- #Refugee Children in Crisis" #UNHCR High Commissioner António Guterres was visiting Lebanon to highlight the findings of this report.

Syria refugee images show children 'bearing brunt' of war

A refugee Syrian boy waking up inside his family's tent in the Bekaa Valley, Lebanon | #Syria #Refugees

#Jordan: Azraq Syrian #Refugee Camp Opens - Jordan formally opens Azraq refugee camp, for Syrian #refugees, in the desert east of the capital, Amman. #UNHCR will help to run the camp, which has room for more than 100,000 refugees and was built to ease pressure on the Za'atri camp.

Syrian #Refugees: Winter Preparations at Za'atri Refugee Camp in #Jordan - As December approaches, Syrian refugees in Za'atri Refugee Camp work to protect themselves from what forecasters say will be one of the worst winters in decades. Read about #winter preparations in Za'atri:

Syrian #Refugees: Beyond No Man's Land Into #Jordan - In a remote area of north-east Jordan, hundreds of Syrian refugees arrive at an unofficial border point after walking for days and crossing a stretch of no man's land to reach safety.

#Lebanon: A Tough #Winter Ahead - Syrian #refugees are bracing for long, cold months ahead. #UNHCR and its partners estimate that some 132,000 refugee households (660,000 people) in Lebanon are in need of some kind of assistance during the winter to keep them warm and dry.

Syrian Refugee Registration Challenge - To cope with the growing number of Syrian #refugees arriving, #UNHCR has had to overhaul, modernize and expand its ability to handle the influx in #Lebanon and #Jordan.