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Read about tests of coloring translucent Premo polymer clay with art materials. Can you use paints, chalk, and inks to make colored clay? Learn more here!

Jewelry Making Article - Blending Fimo® Polymer Clay Colors - Fire Mountain Gems and Beads

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Sweet pendants made from polymer clay with tutorial. Prior pin: Jelly Lane Art Blog: Doodled Pendants DIY

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These glossy finishes work great to seal polymer clay. Read why at The Blue Bottle Tree.

Lovely use of Bettina Walker's Pixilated Retro Cane by Mabcrea

I love cutting shapes in polymer clay, but sometimes my cutters are too big. Here's how to make a DIY mini cutter set in a neat little box.

Very useful testing of translucent clays carried out by The Blue Bottle Tree. This is a comparison of samples of raw uncured translucent polymer clay in several brands. You can see the difference in colour before baking.

HowTo Tumble Sand Polymer Clay