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15 DIY How to Make Your Backyard Awesome Ideas 8

How to improve your soil without a compost heap with eggshells, coffee grounds, and banana peels

Companion Planting What Not To Plant Together

Do you know which vegetables grow best together? Here are 5 companion planting charts to help you plant your garden, and keep those veggies happy. #gardenchat #gardening

Red Beard. Allium fistulosum. Bunching onion. This popular, specialty bunching onion is easy to grow and an excellent choice for fresh market growers and home gardeners. It has a red stalk, a mild flavor, and tender leaves. At maturity, plants can reach 27" tall with the red stalk about 12" long.

Growing Watermelon Vertically in Pots

Learn how to grow watermelon in pots. Growing watermelon in containers allow this big, sweet and juicy fruit to grow in smallest of spaces.

DIY Seedling Greenhouses Ideas For Your Garden This Spring

DIY Seedling Greenhouses | Get a Jump Start on Your Garden This Year | Cool And Simple Tricks To Start Your Own Indoor Seedling Using Items From Around Your Home by Survival Life at