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The Fauxpology: Sorry, Not Sorry - Richmond life coach |

If there is anything we want to change in a child, we should examine it and see whether it is not something that could be better changed in ourselves. - Carl Jung

Ex-Guntersville High School soccer coach Barrow faces more sexual abuse charges - Huntsville Homelessness |

How Doctors Think - Jerome Groopman - Harvard Medical School, Harvard MD - Global Health Coach, Parasite Killer and Disease Prevention Speaker (

How to Stop Procrastinating

From homework to the gym, there are about a million and one things to put off in a day - and a good chunk of us are avoiding them consistently. We’ve dug around to examine why we procrastinate, and how best to get back on track.

"What did you do to my sign?" - The Power Of Words, Motivation. Just love this , very clever, and great value when working with people on communication, attitudes, beliefs and motivation.

Adverbs, Seriously? Poynter: “He Wrote Thoughtfully: Re-Examining the Adverb” Poynter’s longtime writing coach Chip Scanlan once noted a few key writing tips on the downside of adverbs: “Adverbs are crashers in the syntax house party. More often than not, they should be deleted when they sneak in the back door.” – Constance Hale in “Sin and Syntax: How to Craft Wickedly Effective Prose” (Broadway Books, 1999)