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"How often do these animals live through the stunning process (when the panicked cow remains completely conscious while the shackler wraps a chain around one of the cow's hind legs and lifts them onto a moving overhead rail)? "Out of the 1,228 beef I stuck today it would have been okay if a few were still alive. But it's all day. Constantly, all day, I get live cattle. I know they're alive cause they're bellowing, mooing, blinking, looking around." - slaughterhouse worker

One day I will see an albino animal..... An albino baby turtle swims with green sea turtle babies in a pond at Khram island, near Pattaya, Thailand.

We need to treat animals with love, kindness, and respect! We treat them so badly, and we need to change. But when? Now is the time! We cannot put it off for tomorrow and the day after that. Animals need us now, and we need to answer their calls.