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Matte metal with chestnut brown banding puts a modern spin on this decorative vase. Highlighted with sleek silver on top this piece of home decor art will intrigue your guests and enhance your living space. Commix Contemporary Vase by Rustica House. #myRustica

Modern-art Oil Burner

Four slender matte-black columns stylishly support a shallow glass oil dish; a tealight gently warms your favorite oil to disperse a subtle fragrance. Simple contemporary styling is a fabulous fit for any décor! Metal with glass dish. Modern-art Oil Burner by Rustica House. #myRustica

Zeal Round Silver Vase

This modern silver vase will be a classic that adds style to your room for years to come. Its textured finish and beautiful shape make it a great showcase for your favorite living spaces. Zeal Round Silver Vase by Rustica House. #myRustica

Iris In Bloom Wall Art

Gorgeous irises bursting from the ground and reaching toward the late-spring sun are captured artistically in rustic metal. This rectangular wall decor will be a welcome touch of modern style to any room of your home. Iris In Bloom Wall Art by Rustica House. #myRustica

Silver Shimmer Round Candle Cup

Turn your tabletop into showcase of style with help from this gorgeous gemstone candle holder. Silver metal surrounds a collection of faceted clear stones that sparkle and shine with the help from a candles flickering flame. Silver Shimmer Round Candle Cup by Rustica House. #myRustica

Zinc Mirror "Modern"

Rectangular mirror with smooth finishing is rustic and modern looking. Use Rustica House metal mirrors for a bathroom, foyer wall or above a fire place. #myrustica

Details about NEW Craftsman Wooden Pillar Candleholder Wood Iron Table Centerpiece

NEW Craftsman Wooden Pillar Candleholder Wood Iron Table Centerpiece #GalleryofLight #ArtsCraftsMissionStyle