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Insulin is the mother of every other hormone in the body!! If things aren't working in your body, try balancing your blood sugar and see what happens! Because of high sugar diets most people have some level of insulin resistance….that means your cells quit noticing when your pancreas releases insulin. Plexus Slim helps balance blood sugar levels and helps take away the cravings for sugar.Often times as a consequence of that balance, people do lose their extra weight.

What can block up to 48% of those nasty - but delicious - carbohydrates? Plexus Block, that's what! Visit my website for more information:

These are such great reminders for those just starting and for those of us who have been using Plexus for some time!! After reading hundreds of Plexus testimonies with outcomes ranging from increased energy, improved gut health, lowered blood pressure, regulated blood sugar, to weightloss... I have noticed 7 characteristics common to successful Plexus users: (#6 is a HUGE deal! ..more than you might think) #1 PATIENCE Successful Plexus users have a certain level of c

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Why is this number so important? It's how much weight I've lost with Plexus products! I'm living healthy and loving it!

What is the pink drink? The pink drink is Plexus Slim's nickname. It's designed to help balance blood sugar, which helps with energy, cravings, willpower over food, crashing after lunch, mood, and sleep. All of which then help with weightloss! Balancing blood sugar also keeps hormones in check and prevents inflammation, which prevents all kinds of diseases. Find out more here!

What if Plexus could help you with: candida overgrowth, balancing blood sugar, lipids, cholesterol, balance weight issues, relieve pain and inflammation, help sugar cravings, fatigue, depression/anxiety...what if?