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The light shines through the cloudiest of days, wrapping me in its warmth and security. I open, like a flower, growing, stretching, reaching, reveling in its embrace.

cat hidden in man's coat http://scrapbookofduke.posterous.com/lovely-photo-of-kitten-and-old-woman-on-train

<3 beautiful story<3~My son brought me a baby squirrel that was almost dead... we raised it for about 2 months and then released it.. it was the most incredible experience for myself and my children

The warm glow from the outside is nothing compared to the warmth inside. Love is Ageless http://www.susanhaught.com

"It felt strange to be in a bed myself. When the temperatures dropped, we slept close together for warmth. I couldn’t move without waking the kids next to me, usually Kostya and Choma." Homeless, street view, powerful image, intense, strong, photo b/w.

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