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Reading with Accuracy in 1st Grade Activity

Need motivation to increase your students' reading accuracy? Try this sweet activity! Students love reading with accuracy when candy is involved. If you would like more information about reading with accuracy and how we use it in our classrooms visit the Core Coaches blog post to find out more!We would love to hear from you!

The Invisible Boy Read-Aloud Activities

Do you love reading aloud to your primary students? We do too! It is one of my favorite times of the day. This read-aloud pack is unique in that it holds on to

Reading Tips for the Beginning of the Year

These back to school read alouds were favorites in my classroom! I love the tips this teacher provides for reading at the beginning of the school year, too!

This is a good introduction lesson that I would use to explain the basic use of a compass. Students will understand the four cardinal directions through this activity.

Book and stone painting. Classroom lesson, whenever there were times when students felt vulnerable, or uncomfortable, frustrated, or unhappy, or had problems with friendships at school, they could hold their rockfish in their hands & remember just how special they are, & all the qualities they have to offer. We encouraged them to remind themselves, there's only one you... & you can make a difference to our world!

Piggie Pie Read-Aloud Activity

This read-aloud pack is unique in that it holds on to the tradition of reading-aloud for pleasure, but also helps you meet core standards at the same time. Piggie Pie is the perfect October read-aloud!

Running Effective Class Meetings

Are you looking for a way to help children and social responsibility skills in the classroom? This informative post outlines how-to run effective classroom meetings today! It includes details about the schedule, social emotional topics, lessons and activities, books, and a FREE planner to get you set!