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Lovely Pave Diamond Trilobite Pendant set in an Oxidized Sterling Bezel with Pave Diamond Bezel (EX27-05B)

Quahog Pearl - Pearls of the quahog are the most precious in the world today being the only salt water purple pearl of any significant size in the world and of incredible rarity.

PEACEFUL Sterling Silver, Morrisonite Jasper, Ancient Ammonites, Baby Geode, Herkimer Diamond, Ancient Fossil Walrus Ivory, Ancient Coral, Fossil Dinosaur Bone, Tourmaline, Ammonite Negative, Sparkly Rainbow Pyrite, Trilobite, 1906 Indian Head Penny, Ancient Bronze Celtic Money Ring and Handmade Sterling Link Chain. Hangs 20 Inches Long from top to bottom of charms. $2000.00 © Allison Bellows

ALOR Kai .24 Carat Total Weight Diamond Bracelet in Stainless Steel and 18-Karat White Gold (825824) | Sidney Thomas