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Saturday goodies – We hope that whatever activities you may have gotten involved in last night did not leave you completely out of service today...

Maybe that chianti at Kay's last night was a bad idea. Love red wine but it sure as hell doesn't love me. #ouch #stoopid #noUniTillLater

... and then I said "you realize you're only alive because I can't afford a…

YOU GOT THIS! <button class="Button Module borderless hasText vaseButton" type="button"> <span class="buttonText"> More </span> </button>

LOL !!! i can think of one person in particular who thinks she is better than everyone else. Sorry to be the barer of bad news woman but your a shitty person.

18 Very Sweary British Words You Need To Use Right Now

Funny British swear / curse words. // OMFG!!! I think this one has to be my favorite!!!