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31 Signs Eleven Is Your Doctor

31 reasons why 11 is your Doctor - The Lodger is the episode you've seen the most because of reasons.<<<Eleven is like the best friend everyone wants, Ten is the one I want to marry, and Nine is the sass master.

Community Post: What If "Doctor Who" Was American?

If the Doctors were American. Some of these take me to the alternate universe where this is real.

25 Times "Doctor Who" Got Way, Way Too Real

When the Doctor told Reinette to pack a bag and join him, but she never made it into the TARDIS. | 25 Times "Doctor Who" Got Way, Way Too Real

19 Whovians Whose Christmas Game Is Too Strong

This Whovian who knows the real legend of St. Nick. "Went to look at Christmas lights and didn't expect to get a heart attack" LOL