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If you can't come up with questions you want to ask the employer

When talking about interviews I could use this to help students brainstorm questions to ask the interviewer. This could help them stand out in an interview.

Today Top 22 quotes (07:10:37 PM, Thursday 05, January 2017 PST ) – 22 pics

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How to earn Passive Income as a part time Employee

Most of people generating money from passive income sources at the beginning started as part time. But life is busy, work is tiring and when we go back home, who wants to continue working? Then, if you have kids, friends and events, even if you want to find time to start in the Passive Income business it is hard, right? Well, that was what I though, but time later I realised it’s possible. (Source:

If Disney Princesses Were Moms Happily ever after… after kids.

Nipper the tiny flipper: Ten-day-old orphan dolphin is nursed back to health

What a cutie! Richard Tesore, Director of the marine fauna reserve 'SOS Fauna Marina' holds a rescued baby dolphin in a pool in Punta Colarada