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The photoshopped image (top) is causing quite the stir after it was shared by a #Quebec cabinet minister | #Canada #Cdnpoli #PolQC

Harpers Team Declares Harper Debate Winner With Brutal Typo. Whether it's egomania or narcissism that gets the Reform Cons moving too quickly before using spell check doesn't matter at this point. Only a few notices mentioned Harper's so-called 'acclaim' during the debates. Most accolades went first to Elizabeth May! Harper was trailing like Trudeau & Mulcair. You're still not ready eh Harper!

Voer voor elke economie student en een ieder die wil weten wat geld is <<<<money as debt (geld als schuld) nl ondertiteld volledige versie - YouTube

A Hoax Is Spreading About How Justin Trudeau Kissed Tom Mulcair After The Orlando Shooting

The fake photo was also tweeted by the mayor of a borough in Paris. "When the prime minister of Canada kisses the leader of the opposition to symbolize universal sexual freedom after Orlando," he wrote.

PEI tourism guide redesigned after apparent bulge on cover

The cover of the province’s new tour guide is raising… eyebrows. The 2015 tourism guide is getting some unwanted attention after locals and social media users realized the man photographed on the cover, relaxing in the sun, appears to have a visible erection.