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These coaster are super unique, easy and very chic. They have the look of these agate coasters you see in the stores for upwards of $70! We’re making a set of four for $4.80! What You Need: -White tiles -Rubbing alcohol -Alcohol ink -Sealent Spray -Felt

Whether for yourself or as a gift, this craft is easy and fun to make the cohosts deem it the coolest craft ever

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I have seen these coasters on Pinterest forever and I finally made some this weekend. They weren't turning out right at first, but the good thing is you can just wash them off with water and start again. They looked awesome and I can't wait to make more.

Kid-Friendly Frozen Greek Yogurt Drops

DIY Greek Yogurt Drops recipe for Kids (young and old). Frozen Greek yogurt drops! I made them Thursday morning on my Thinking Outside the Lunchbox segment on FOX News Rising. These kid-friendly Frozen Greek Yogurt drops are great for kids of all ages, from baby led weaing to toddler snacks and beyond, they are a healthy, delicious treat!

Alcohol ink coasters! I just made these. Ceramic tile wiped with alcohol and then painted with alcohol paint and sealed with aerosol finisher.

Ink Dye Coasters

I have been wanting to make some coasters for our coffee table for a good while now. I have seen some fun posts for putting pictures, or decorative paper on them, and I knew that if you purchased the tiles at Home Depot or Lowes, you can get them for very inexpensive. As I was flipping …