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Intrigue (Outrage) (gouache, ink, acrylic, and orthodontic rubber bands on stretched canvas, 2012) “My art is the result of my psychological expulsion, featuring whatever paint, water, salt, and other obscure nearby materials end up getting involved in the process. Each painting is a self-portrait, a slow-exposure snapshot of my evolution among various states of mind. The work is at once an exploration of the contents of my psyche and the nature of aesthetics as I watch each form develop i

My art journal in progress. Acrylic gouache rolled with a brayer, then paint put on a rubber band and snapped on pages.

colorful cards made by cutting out favorite pieces of a painting experiment, with stencils, pen, artist pigment, watercolor, gouache, etc. ART GIRL

Artists: All acrylic paint lovers. Don't you hate it when your paint starts drying even before you finish mixing? I found the answer! I bought one of these and found that even the next day, the paint is still wet and fresh. The secret is it has a rubber lid that closes tightly over all the paint cubes.