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Keep up the hard work #lupus #lupusawareness #lupuswarriors

P.O.T.S., E.D.S., Pineal Cyst/Tumor, I.S.T., Chronic Migraines, Endometriosis & Fibromyalgia

How I feel right now! It gets exhausting feeling like you have to explain it all of the time to make it real.

“Courage is going on when you don't have the strength.” — Theodore Roosevelt

.if only people could understand how hard it really is to just get through the day

Cluster Headaches: It's a type of "Trigeminal Autonomic Cephalalgia" which is a Neurological Condition that effects the nerves in the face and ultimately head.. Very painful. Very Rare. For people who are Episodic like me, it'll flare up every so often for weeks at a time hence the term "cluster". There will be multiple excruciating attacks a day. The word "headache" is involved due to the pain that's caused in the head (under the skull) but it is much more than a headache by far..

My husband has had his bad moments and hard times, but overall he has kept this promise. I have heard so many stories of husbands leaving their sick wives, and I'm very glad my husband is not one of them! The longer I am sick, the more we work on how to handle it and the better we get at dealing with it.

Fibromyalgia pain this one is for you.....POWERFUL AFFIRMATIONS HELP :)

Pain, just because i smile and laugh, doesn't mean I'm not in a lot of pain!