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Eating animals, fish, poultry, and anything from animals, fish and poultry is eating there illnesses, tumors and chemicals pumped into them. Sure, plants have toxins but not nearly the amount found in Animals, Fish and Poultry or product from them. Save the environment and end world hunger. While your at it. Fight against Monsanto Bio Chemically Changing our food.

Pro vegan: using Neanderthals / cavemen as justification for eating animals is a low ethical bar.

Stop Being Hypocritical And Having Double Standards!!Dog Lovers Don't Eat Animals!Animal Lovers Don't Eat Animals!!Go Vegan!!

I wonder if I had a person in my life who was kind to me for many years and then decided to slit my throat and that was in the news. Would many people think that was a wrong? Who would care? My prayer is that all be treated nicely and never be deceived.

Vegan - A culture that will exploit non-humans will also exploit women and children. There is no doubt of this. If you can desensitize yourself to the suffering of another being because you wish to exploit them, their species or their sex will not matter. THAT is the root of the problem.