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johnny depp #90s #icon #nineties cus it wouldn't be grunge without a photo of teenage Johnny depp

True. I always tell people "if you can't watch them be abused and murdered, then you shouldn't be eating them."

Sweeney Todd Barber... Possible Halloween costume??

Johnny Depp, male actor, celeb, beard, hand, fingers, glass, powerful face, intense eyes, cute, handsome, portrait, photo

Johnny Depp. It's just that he's always done the sad, longing, brooding thing so damn well.

dicapri-o: fucky0u-verymuch: fair-haven: o—ceans: dantia: v-o-g-u-e-i-s-a-r-t: meliseeeex: Holy shit he’s beautiful. Johnny so sexy

Johnny Depp - The Artist taking time out from the party at my country farm home to paint the farm animals having a great time ;)

Domino and Spy Top List of Most-Missed Magazines: But What About Sassy?

I could pin Johnny all day!